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Welcome to ChipTuningPower

We specialise in the optimisation of engine electronics (i.e. power optimisation), for all types of vehicles. This enables the engine’s full potential to be realised.

Due to manufacturing tolerances and the unknown way in which a standard vehicle will be utilized, it must be set-up for a wide variety of operating scenarios. Therefore, the maximum efficiency and economy obtainable by the engine are not achieved. Within chiptuning we provide maps for the existing ECU in order to make utilized these potentials. Software and Hardwaretuning is not allowed without homologation. Only for motorsport. Thanks to the lastest technology our software adaptations are without a trace.
That means for you as a customer,
  • guaranteed optimisation to your needs.
  • high reliability of the increase in power output.
  • high quality and customer satisfaction
  • Non-stop driving fun!
Thanks chiptuning your vehicle will have more power, reduce consumtion and increase the elasticity of your engine. You will drive smiling in future. We meet the homologation criterias and support you. Upon request, we also perfom reverse engineering bach through to original state.
Ask for quote, you will recive by mail. Allow us to discuss your wisches / ideas with you and realize it as far as technically feasible. Our professionalism and our price-performance ratio will convice you.
Thank you for your Attention!

Your ChipTuningPower Team